Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 46

For 55 years, virtual reality (VR) has been known as complete immersion in a computerized environment. The Sword of Damocles, a simple black-and-white three-dimensional box projecting images from a digital source, served as the first-ever head-mounted display (HMD) in 1968. Users could don a headset and watch the depth and lines move around as their heads turned. 

Fast forward to the late ‘80s when an exciting new company, VPL Research, introduced costly equipment that few people could afford. The components featured a headset, gloves, and suit that allowed users to engage more senses in a virtual 3D space by manipulating and moving colored 3D objects.

As the environments evolved, equipment, immersion, and 3D space emerged as the three staples necessary for VR. These components are the foundational aspects of the 1990s version of VR.

Now, The Net VR is pushing the boundaries of VR into the next generation. Our mission is to shift the focus from equipment and immersion to realizing the 3D space’s enormous impact. It is a defining pillar of reality, along with two new definitions: time and matter.

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Rethinking Virtual Reality to Amplify Human Engagement